Repel Raccoons with The Guardian

Repel Raccoons with The Guardian™

The Guardian™ is the perfect solution for defending your yard, garden, and other outdoor areas from a variety of unwanted pests. This environmentally friendly device uses the safest technology on the market to permanently keep raccoons away.

Selected Features

  • Select a Pest™ Technology
  • Motion Sensor Mode
  • Adjustable Sensor Sensitivity
  • Exclusive Keychain Remote
  • Sonic (Audible) Mode
  • Ultrasonic (Inaudible) Mode

Sale Price:

Raccoon Control
No Toxic Chemicals, Traps or Poisons!
The electronic pest repellers offered exclusively by Good Life® are safe for your family and the environment.Not only are we an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau but our pest repellers have been seen on TV and used in homes and businesses all around the world! Our products are also backed by a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Product Videos
Animal Pest Control Repeller Video
Our Classic Animated Video
Watch this short, animated presentation to learn more about The Original Guardian™

Repels these Animals:

and more!
Success Stories
"Thank you so much for your prompt delivery of my new Pest Repeller devices. The quality of your product is outstanding and surpassed any expectations I may have and prior to placing my order.  If the product works as well as it is built, I will be ecstatic."

Kelli S. - Corte Madera, CA

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